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Lady Blues Soul

Little Bit Jazz


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The tears of joy, implemented through the struggles and hardships, that one day be your glory. Oh this list less journey, purpose by the struggles and commitment of change, shall bring forth great witness upon the world. Oh shields of laughter shall smile, when the journey was granted though sweat and tears. Oh but a penny is not gold, and a nickel is not silver, but the struggles of a warrior is worth a diamond of its hard work and achievement of self and soul. The burning buildings, and t he gun shot rings, the planted death chants, that live upon your door, but I shall rise in the morning, as those before me, the ghettos of the slave masters reformat, is not much different today, oh the chains are heavy upon my mind, and the weight have challenged my thoughts. Through out this symmetry of blues,jazz,success, unity, spiritual growth, the soul creates emotions, of the struggles, just to stay alive, the pain and the suggestions of survival in the 19th century, to perform under all cause, it has be the struggles of those who un fold a ladder that we shall climb, never forgetting the shoulders that stood, for those to climb, the mastery of greatness. The solitude of greatness, the death of white powder, the intimacy just to stay alive, oh the white poison, to float on clouds, And the devil who lived within, the sterilize needlepoint of death, as it retrieve greatness through the vain. The indoctrination of slave to jazz, under all odds must be played; treated less than a man, and the blues junkies, who continued o befoul, the greatness of musicians, nevertheless they took it as a man. A plate of freedom, a moment of freedom shall enhance the liberties that have been generated through the blood of those who you stand upon their shoulders of greatness, a cup of antipathy shall enlighten all those things, of greatness that lives within you, the saddle of a warriors, proclamation that can only be, subscribed through your DNA. Oh by yet the mountains of yearnings th