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"Connectivity is the new currency(tm)"...Michelle Price finds and interviews some of today's most interesting and connected online influencers and visionaries ...emerging thought leaders in social media, online community, private social networks/tribes, blogging, podcasting, and social networking on Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more.

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A new economic model is unfolding gradually before our eyes, but the future remains unclear. While we don't yet fully understand this new model, one thing is for sure: The knowledge economy we have come to know is changing.... more

Why are women afraid to set goals? Zee Worstell has the answer. She says it's because the current SMART goal setting system is a masculine system and that women can't relate. Women also have to consider different areas of their life... more

While it is easy to be romanced by movies with transformational life themes like Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat, Pray, Love — actually executing a true life change is not as easy as changing your locale or taking a sabbatical. After all,... more

Sandy Carter, VP Social Business, IBM is back to share her new book Get Bold. She's again leading the edge with Social Business - the next frontier.. Using SOCIAL MEDIA to Create a NEW Type of Business...a Social Business.... more

Google has released a brand new social network called Google+ (or Google Plus). And it's gotten 10 MILLION users in 2 weeks. While the network is still in "invite only" status, I have influenced my good friend - early Facebook... more

Fast Company launched The Influence Project "to find the most influential person online". The prize was your picture on the cover. The question: What for? The backlash from the social media community has been pretty harsh. Mainly around... more

This is first in an ongoing series featuring Online "ThoughtLeadHers" ;-) Christiana Briddell is a co-founder and partner of ThoughtLead. ThoughtLead's mission is to spread important ideas that positively impact our world through... more
That Michelle Price

Online Thought Leader Christiana Bridell & The Influencer Project:

  • by That Michelle Price
The Influencer Project: 60 Ideas-60 Leading Minds-60 MinutesThoughtLead’s first-ever Influencer Project virtual conference,brings the ideas of 60 leading Web, social media, and new media minds together in one hour. The Influencer... more
That Michelle Price

Anna Bernstein - Thought Leader, Founder, The Brain-Voice Connection(tm) - Sound Like A Leader

  • by That Michelle Price
Since 1995 executive communications and speech expert Anna Bernstein has been helping executives, employees and entrepreneurs get what they want with her unique method of voice skills improvement. She does this by helping them... more