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Partisan Bullying- The Political Fight Club

  • Broadcast in US Government
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Is America busting at the seams that bind the political, fabrics of the United States? How can we pull it together before we appear uncovered and shamefully exposed to the rest of the world? Let's hope that it's not too late to the revamp the Political Fight Club before it becomes a back alley sport instigated by blood thirsty partisanship addicts. While the primary players get punch drunk from relentless character bashing, the arena that we call the United States is being trashed under the anxious eyes of those waiting to capitalize on our nation's self implosion. One truism has remained consistent- divided we fall. So as the partisan bullying continues, no one wins. Think about it... how can there be a winner if all of the players are portrayed as losers? For the sake of our future as individuals and a so called "United" States of America, we had better find a way to cancel the Political Fight Club before media scavengers develop schemes for turning these rags into riches. These programs are designed to offer tangible solutions to the critical issues that are challenging the quality of life in various populations. We invite forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and solutions oriented talkers to engage in meaningful problem solving. These episodes may be forwarded to government officials (or other interested entities) to let them review solutions oriented discussions.