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Do U have questions about what is happening in Life? Join Me as We explore the "INTERCONNECTEDNESS" of ALL Reality

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So this week will be a "little" different but the same GREAT stuff. Instead of coming out of the Master Key System, I will be coming out of a book called "JESUS taught it too", in HONOR of Easter Sunday. See U there :-)
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Come get at Me as We get waaay DEEPER into the current Source Entity which is Source Entity 7 (technically SE 7A, 7B, & 7C, Lol). U don't want to miss this week :-)

Come on by for a visit. I don't kknow EXACTLY where We'll be going but I know it's somewhere EXCITING & INTERESTING ;-) See U there

Come on in, the SUBJECT matter is FINE ;-)

OK. Got some MOMENTUM going NOW. Join Me as We continue to see what it is "WE" are saying to OURSELVES ;-)

I always say that My "main" approach to the subject of JESU is from the book "The Aquarian Gospel of JESUS the Christ" but I never actually read from there. Maybe this time.........Perhaps Lol

Come on by for a visit as We are Now past Part 1. Getting GOODER these days. Won't be doing another2 hours show this week. We'll just keep that to an hour, Lol. See U there ;-)

It's getting GOOD and Momentum is building. Thank U "EVERYBODY" Who either calls in, listens via the link, or downloads a recorded episode. Thank U as it makes Me HAPPY to do thsi for U :-D

I'm doing something on the Tuesday Show of JESUS Day.but I won't tell U what it is until "this SPECIAL SESSION called Show. I'm NOT starteing a Wednesday show, just doing something to BETTER the Tuesday Show ;-)

Yeah. We at 2 HOURS like I promised. THANK U JESUS :-). Now We can REALLY Talk about JESUS, Whose name was NEVR JESUS when He walked this Earth. :-) See U there