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From relationships to education, faith to leadership, Onedia Gage will cover the issues we face in America. We have real issues. All of us are accountable.

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Your Image is Your Message We had a house rule of not wearing rollers to the store or not wearing certain clothes outside the house. Our outside image was a direct reflection of our home training. Our outside image sends a message. As... more

Ephesians 3:14-21 What part of you belongs to God?

There was a period of time when I would not have listened to secular music. My spirit has to survive all types of negativity. I won't survive on rap music and cursing and slang. What goes on in is what comes out. Have you considered the... more

Luke 7:50, 8:48, Matthew 15:28 What is your wholeness worth? What will you do to be whole?

Keeping a pure heart is the biggest project. We endure so much hurt and so much pain. The emotional roller coaster you survive can cause heart and hatred. The plan is to keep a clean heart. The steps include admitting those emotions... more

Stop lying to yourself. You have been lying to yourself for years. For a bunch of reasons. None of each of reasons has failed you. Yet we are still lying to ourselves and continue to wear the mask we made for ourselves so we can... more

When a friend put the following statement on Facebook, I knew this is a great discussion: Opinion of the day…. I read that up to 97% of divorces are initiated by women. Yet, 97% of the single women I know or met are dying to... more

Be a Better Husband Without Changing a Thing You are a great husband! You are a wonderful a man! I recently complimented someone by telling him he was a wonderful man and he is. And so are you. Being a consistently that husband is... more

How to Save Your Marriage For Men Did you recognize its failing moment(s)? Did you try at that time? Is she DONE? 1) Apologize and take the blame for the failing relationship. 2) Listen to her response. 3) Take action. Make her the... more

Healing from Your Brokenness You have been broken. At some point, your spirit has been broken because of someone else of something else of yourself has done something to cause that HUGE disappointments. You may have tried to... more