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From relationships to education, faith to leadership, Onedia Gage will cover the issues we face in America. We have real issues. All of us are accountable.

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Yielded and Sumbitted: A Woman's Journey for a Life Dedicated to God Yielded and Submitted: A Woman's Journey for a Life Dedicated to God is a story of a woman you know, and know well. Yielded and submitted is about you; about us!... more

Love Letters to God from a Teenage Girl From a former teenager to a teenager, I love you! God loves you more; more than you love yourself. These letters represent the conversations which will grow your knowledge and will assist you... more

Changes in Business Trends Where is the business world headed next and how do we find that information out? What do we do to meet the changing needs of our consumers? How do we meet the needs of those consumers when we... more

Image What is the image of the business/organization? We will investigate how to create that image, grow that image, protect that image, and expose that image. This image may be aligned to your reputation. We will discuss the importance... more

Leadership What level of leadership is required for successful business? This level is reachable however there is hard work ahead. There is room at the top if you are willing to work hard at the process. We will examine the critical areas... more

Customer Service Customer Service is the critical difference between you and your competition. The average consumer does not believe that customer service exists anymore. The customer service element of your business becomes very... more

Stop Picking Fights Nobody likes their pet peeve to happen on a regular basis. She does not understand your routine. She does not like ESPN on every TV she turns on. I could go on but the point is that mutual respect will stop the... more

Treat Her Like the Mistress When I first made this statement, my friends laughed nervously then asked me what did I mean? If you treated your wife or your girlfriend like you treat the mistress, your relationship would be great. The... more

The ?Busy? Syndrome (2 parts) ?I am so busy.? Busy doing what exactly? Is your busy-ness preventing you from filling your purpose? Is your busy-ness stifling your growth? Is your busy-ness a tactic to keep you destracted from your real... more

Doing Too Much A packed schedule! Not one minute to spare! One delay will throw day in a tailspin! Back to back to back commitments. When do we rest and renew and revive and refresh? When do we stop to meditate and be still?... more