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Join Dr. Hildy as she welcomes her Guest, Personal Injury Attorney Julia Swanson - specialist in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Law.

Every day we’re faced with easily identifiable dangers to our well-being. So many that it seems like even leaving the house is a rewardable act of bravery. But what if there’s something in your own home that poses a threat to your immediate safety? What if it poses a threat to your physical – and mental – health? And what if it isn’t the Internet? Despite sounding like a sensationalized teaser from the local news, this threat is very real – and there is no way for you to detect it.

This week on One Cell, One Light Radio, Dr. Staninger welcomes plaintiff injury attorney Julia Swanson to discuss this undetectable danger – carbon monoxide. While most people know about the danger posed by CO, as it’s use as an aid in suicide attempts is well-publicized, this is only one type of poisoning. High-level, or acute, poisoning happens quickly and can lead to death or loss of consciousness. Though dangerous, it is often treatable as long as you don’t die, as the effects of the excess of CO can be counteracted with a high amount of oxygen inhalation, which helps offset the effects and regenerate the cells damaged. However, the more pressing danger is that of low-level, or chronic, poisoning, which is much more common. And much more deadly.

The danger of low-level poisoning stems mostly from the fact that CO is not detectable without special equipment. It’s a colorless, odorless gas that at low levels do not cause symptoms that are distinct enough to cause alarm. Dizziness.....MORE>>>> http://onecellonelightradio@wordpress.com/2012/02/25/22912-death-by-carbon-monoxide/