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Friends, We have all heard ?Roll Tide?, the rallying cry for the Alabama Crimson Tide football. The call is synonymous with winning 15 national championships and crashing of waves of dominating its opponent. No one knows more about that... more

Friends, We are grateful for our freedoms in America, regardless if we agree or not about the politics or the direction of the country. It is because of freedom that have these disagreements. It is also because of freedom itself that freedom has... more

Freinds, Singing ?The Star Spangled Banner? across this weekend, we celebrate the birth of America on this 4th of July and honor our nation's independence and freedom. America has been a melting pot for over two centuries, and as... more

Friends, have you been called to be a witness, spread the gospel,…evangelize? Evangelism is misunderstood. Each of us is called to evangelize as a follower of Jesus, but few of do… What do you do? Join... more

Friends, join us with Byron Williams, the President of the NFL Players Association – Dallas, as we discuss player health and injuries around the game of football. Not for the faint of heart, football has common injuries from strains and... more

Friends, It's Father's Day… I hope that you are ready to smile… No, ready to laugh with the funniest man on the planet, A.J. Jarmal -- http://youtu.be/HoKKSOTooYg. A.J. is more than simply a funny man of... more

Friends, Image having a disease that slowly erodes away the mind and personality, destroys lives, turns a vital person into a helpless dependent until the brain and body eventually shut down. And there is no cure to… Alzheimer... more

Please join us with Rev. Dewayne Washington, Pastor of the Love Church of Fort Worth Texas (http://www.dewaynewashington.com/the-ministry.html), as we discuss the root of this twisted manifesto. This rampage should not surprise us,... more

Friends, what happens when resources run out, unemployment is denied, and savings accounts are depleted? How would you, did you, or do you deal with the ?LessNess-NESS? -- homelessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, and... more

Friends, the simple message ?Bring back our girls? resonates with millions of people around the world in the aftermath of the kidnapping of almost 300 teenagers from a school in Chibok, Nigeria. What is liked being kidnapped, sold,... more