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On The Issues Magazine, feminist and progressive, challenges conventional thinking about hot topics. On BlogTalkRadio we continue the lively, independent discussion begun in our Online magazine.

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What is the role of sports in our culture? How do gender ?roles? play out in sports? What is the effect of media coverage and spectatorship? What is the interplay with feminism? How should sports respond to misogyny, homophobia... more

Abortion rights are currently under attack on many fronts, and a new generation of activists is developing new approaches to defend a woman's right to choose. But previous generations of pro-choice activists, some of them veterans of the... more

As anti-abortion forces in the United States unveil new forms of attack on women's right to choose, defenders of abortion rights are fighting back with their own new forms of activism. In this episode of On the Issues Magazine on... more

Creating ideas, reaching out, offering inspiration: progressive and feminist activists are fired up and taking action. Feminist activist Stephanie Gilmore joins us to talk about Slutwalk-- the new movement organized in the wake of... more

How are women affected by toxins in water, air, products? And how can feminists respond? This edition of On The Issues Magazine on Blog Talk Radio looks at new frames for environmental activism.Prize-winning investigative... more

Women in the U.S. have come some way toward gender equality in the 90 years since they won the right to vote. New laws have helped women in many areas of life-- but some areas remain out of reach of the law. Religion is one. In this... more

What motivates women who fight for freedom even at their own peril? Journalist Theresa Braine tells the story of Esther Chavez Cano--tenacious investigator of multiple murders of women in Mexico-- and writer Barbara Becker explores... more

In this edition of On The Issues, we take on race and feminism, two of the most provocative social, political and cultural topics of our times. To approach the subjects with fresh eyes, we invited partners from the SisterSong Women of... more

Contributors to the Summer '09 edition of On The Issues Magazine talk about gender-- "a topic that is both utterly fundamental and wildly revolutionary"--and how gender norms and differing perspectives of gender identity shape... more