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Coming to you live from the lovely city of Phoenix - addressing current events in and around the community, country and world, proffering various views on some of today's rarely covered topics. We'll tackle some issues together that are sometimes mildly overlooked or quietly discarded...and we'll open discussions for YOU to join in. E-mail us at: onpointphx@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @onpointphx

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In Todays society, it's almost common place to tell everyone what you're doing, and everyone feels as though they have the right to express how they feel about YOUR SITUATUONS, eventhough they all wish to maintain a degree of... more

The American dolloar has no value if it's not spent, and the average mother can arguably make up the base of our nations economy. The ones who have so much they only buy whats beyond the scope of whats normal spending, are not the... more

"Beauty's Only Skin Deep, But ugly's To The Bone..." This is the beggining of an "OLD "saying, which simply let you know (if it was being recited to you) that you're SUPERFICIAL, Vain, Self Centered, Self Absorbed, Narcissistic or Conceited.... more

"Blessed is the man that has everything, and a man truly has everything ...IF he has a family" If we look into the meat of that statement , we'll find holes big enough to drive thru, especially if we use it as a measuring stick to make... more

This week on "ON POINT... We'll take a look at the title that NO ONE woman wants to wear, but YET EVERYONE can consider some other woman of being. Be it Friendly, endearingly, in passing, jestingly or out of SPITE, the name... more

In this week's segment STATE OF OUR UNION: We take an in-depth look at the thing that seems to be bombarding our everyday society and its functions (or Malfunctions), ?ACCEPTANCE.? Acceptance of every little thing, every little... more

Welcome to another episode of On Point. Many have said that 'Words do not hurt me.' Often we have had our feelings hurt, been irritated by something that someone said or have said something that we regret. What is it that gives power... more

Welcome to another episode of On Point. In this week's segment: Behind Closed Doors ~ We keep in tune with the theme of lovers most recognized event, Valentines Day. We're going to introduce you to something special, something... more

Another year has come and we're faced again with the idea of celebrating the accomplishments of the African American community or better yet our ancestors from a not too distant past and for all their achievements we're going to try... more

What is it that makes us see in Black and White and if we can see that, why can't we just see a man or just a woman? Has society become even more bigoted since recognizing other ethnicities as people and their rights or are we vastly... more