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Addressing current events in and around the community and proffering various views on some of today's rarely covered topics. We'll tackle some issues together that are sometimes mildly overlooked or quietly discarded...and we'll open discussions for YOU to join in.

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1st Segment~ State Of Our Union TOPIC: "We Can Kill Em...But You Sure Can't" This week we examine the "DEATH PENALTY" in our country and just how ethical it is as opposed to justifiable "VENGENCE". 2nd Segment~ Behind... more

1st Segment~ On Point Forum TOPIC: "ATTENTION AMERICA, INTRODUCING...GOD! " This week we ask the question, "has God been added back into our society or is does he existance go against our Civil Rights" ? Now... more

1st Segment; State Of Our Union: TOPIC: "The Color Of Supremacy..." This Week we take a Good Long Look at the idea, the myth, the thought of and the STEROTYPE of WHITE SUPREMACY and if it's something being used as a... more

First segment: "Angry Brown Woman Report" "This body is mine" - regardless of what the state says. This week we get a look a the female perspective into the city, state and federal government influence and possible interferrence... more

1st Segment~ JUST MY VIEW TOPIC: "The Polictical Commercializing Of Christmas" ~ This week we take a look at how Politics has come to influence the Holidays, what they stand for and how they've been more tailored toward... more

1st Segment: "THE ANGRY BROWN MAN REPORT" This week we take a moment to just get some things off of our "PROVERBIAL CHEST" that seems as if it should make sense, but somehow the general populous... more

Segment 1~ Community Vide Topic: "The Art Of Pimping Daddy"! This week we take on the discussion of Child Support, it's Pros & it's Cons, The Family Court, it's Vividly Visible bias prejudice's toward the Fraternal Parent and their... more

1st Segment>STATE OF OUR UNION TOPIC: "Sooo...If I Fight Back, Do I Get Off Too?" This week we re-examine the evergrowing problem of Police Brutality, it's history and the possible reprecussions of a long brewing antogonizing... more

1st Segment STATE OF OUR UNION~ Topic: "50 Shades Of Ignorance... (Paints the Perfect Picture Of Piss Poor Personas' )" This week we discuss the Poorly demonstrated protest of the people of Ferguson, it's purpose, and it's Reflection... more

Segment 1. STATE OF OUR UNION~ Topic: "Kill A Person Save A Gun" This week On Point Discusses the overwhelming amount of PUSH BACK the NRA exudes to keep COMMON SENSE regulations away from guns or any... more