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Addressing current events in and around the community and proffering various views on some of today's rarely covered topics. We'll tackle some issues together that are sometimes mildly overlooked or quietly discarded...and we'll open discussions for YOU to join in.

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1st SEGMENT: COMMUNITY VIBE TOPIC: "The Law Of Power & The Power Of Law...Abused" This week we open the discussion to ask the question of POWER and how it's abused and who it is that does it, What's it's appeal and how it... more

1st SEGMENT: ~STATE OF OUR UNION~ TOPIC: Americas Dirty Lil Secret...The Slave I Didn't Know I was! Today We're gonna look at the hidden world of SLAVERY in America and it's hiding places, its statutes, its Laws,... more

1st SEGMENT: HERE AND NOW ~ TOPIC: " The Lost Art Of ..RESPECT" This week we ask the question, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT THING CALLED RESPECT"? Is it now against the LAW to excercise it, Is it just Lyrics to a... more

1st SEGMENT ~ State Of Our Union "TOPIC: POWER...And The American Woman" This week we look at the Position, the Place and the Role the American woman plays in Corporate and Political Societies/Arenas, while determining if... more

1st SEGMENT : "FOOTPRINTS... The Legacy Of The Man Of Color" In recognition of "Black History Month" We explore the very thing that EVERY hard working, Motivated, Father, Son, Grand Father, Husband and Man of Color has... more

1st Segment~ JUST SO YOU'D KNOW TOPIC: "Knowing The Road To SELMA" In recognition of the contiued observance of Black History Month, We want to take a look back in time to one of the most prolific moments in American... more

1st SEGMENT: "WHEN LOVE WHISPERS...IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS" In Recognition of Love's Holiday (Valentines Day), we're going to give a serious look & listen to the VOICE of Love. This force so overwhelming that it makes... more

1st SEGMENT~"Black History Month Special" TOPIC: "Not just "BLACK" History...But HISTORY Period! This week we take a look at "HISTORY" and how it's been affected by it's lack of "Color" and the true meaning of it's name.... more

1st Segment~ State Of Our Union TOPIC: "We Can Kill Em...But You Sure Can't" This week we examine the "DEATH PENALTY" in our country and just how ethical it is as opposed to justifiable "VENGENCE". 2nd Segment~ Behind... more

1st Segment~ On Point Forum TOPIC: "ATTENTION AMERICA, INTRODUCING...GOD! " This week we ask the question, "has God been added back into our society or is does he existance go against our Civil Rights" ? Now... more