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Addressing current events in and around the community and proffering various views on some of today's rarely covered topics. We'll tackle some issues together that are sometimes mildly overlooked or quietly discarded...and we'll open discussions for YOU to join in.

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Segment 1. STATE OF OUR UNION~ Topic: "Kill A Person Save A Gun" This week On Point Discusses the overwhelming amount of PUSH BACK the NRA exudes to keep COMMON SENSE regulations away from guns or any... more

1st Segment~COMMUNITY VIBE... TOPIC: 1070, Only Thing Missing is ,"Yes'a Mass'a" We take a look at the strongly over-looked undertones of the contraversial Newly inducted Law, and the ramifications of it's presence in... more

1st Segment- State of Our Union~ Topic: Respect the President for What...? We Take a look at the Modern day personification (according to some) of a PERIAH in the President of our United States and how DISRESPECT will or can hurt... more

1st SEGMENT~ COMMUNITY VIBE Topic: "Im the Color Of My Own Worst Enemy" We look into the Human (Crab Like) Behavior commonly known as Superiority Complex or it's more Common STREET NAME "HATING" or... more

Segment 1: State of Our Union Topic: "When the BED ROOM, Meets The BOARDROOM" ~ When was it fashionable to allow the things that one does in their BED ROOM, to dictate what things are determined in the BOARD... more

SEGMENT 1: Whats Really Go'n On~ Topic: "To Serve and Protect...With EXTREME PREJUDICE" We examine the overwhelming growing number of POLICE SHOOTINGS on the everday citizen, (who happens to be shockingly... more

Segment 1: The State Of Our Union> Topic: FAREWELL WELFARE...The idea of using the State Government to be a consistant source of Monetary Income has become a common place action amongst those in our Community, can this be... more

1st Segment: State Of Our Union TOPIC: Domestic Assault, Is it "Just Us" in "Justice", We'll look at the New media blitz on the the ever-growing problem of Domestic Assault amongst Celebrities, and Athletes but the oversight of those in... more

Seg 1 Family First: Topic: ? Not Just A Baby Daddy Part 2, I'm more than a Wallet? We continue our discussion on the all to familiar term ? A Baby Daddy?, what it really means and the negative light that shines on the American male... more

In the 1st Segment "Family First" With the Topic being~"I'm Not My Childrens Friend" This week on the Show we look at the relationships between"TODAYS" new age parents, their children and the possibly border crossing... more