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Addressing current events in and around the community and proffering various views on some of today's rarely covered topics. We'll tackle some issues together that are sometimes mildly overlooked or quietly discarded...and we'll open discussions for YOU to join in. E-mail us at: onpointphx@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter @onpointphx

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Ok, so more mass shootings. Is this another normal day in America? People have access to guns. We blame gun violence on mental health. We refuse to discuss guns in America in a context that is valuable to the denizens. Should guns and their accessibility be restricted? What are the rules? What are the perspectives? Is the president trying to take our guns away? Is gun control the responsibility of the mental health field? Why is there a stigma or negative perception about simply the discussion of guns and gun control? Join us this week for our segment – Just an Observation as we discuss this phenomenon and share your views.
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Often times the media presents a topic and other media outlets and many of us humans take that perspective and run with it. Is everything that the media presents true? Is it based in truth? How do we determine, ascertain or assay the... more

WEEK 56~ Segment: I'M JUST SAYING! TOPIC: "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To ...REALITY". This week we take a look at the bizarre stories that are fed to us by the media, and some of the individuals who make the claims that... more

Segment: State Of Our Uniion Topic: Does Money buy Power...Or Drama? This week we take a look at the Race for the most coveted position in the Politcal arena, The Presidential Seat. You know the game, you know the the Prize, but... more

In this week's first segment we take a look at the double edge sword of derogatory words, their meanings and what role they play in today's society. We will also look at how common sense and knowledge of history escapes many... more

In every culture denizens have to make the decision whether or not to help their fellow man or lady. In some instances folks show fervor in doing so. In other instances, folks are adamant regarding pulling down, pushing down or refusing... more

Segment: Here & Now TOPIC: "The Village Needs A Mother ...Not A Girlfriend!" This week we take a good long look at the othe side of the parental coin, and we try to examine the greater loss of the family's other most important... more

Segment: HERE & NOW TOPIC: "Oh Father Where Art Thou..." MISSING? This week we take a look at the diminishing role of the Community Head, The Village Chief, The Honor Guard of Our Home and Family Names, The Patriarch...THE... more

Join us this week as we feature our segment - Community Vibe. We well be chatting with some folks in the local community that are running businesses, investing in and enhancing the community with their perspectives and... more

The United States has been a hot bed of pejorative police activity. The interaction of police officers with the citizens of this country has in many cases been less than palatable. Many folks have been mistreated and some have even lost their... more

Many folks have been comparing and contrasting their perspectives on courage. What is courage? What makes a person courageous? How should society view someone's courage? This week in our segment - The Round Table - we address... more