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Omnipresence Media is a positive free flowing experience where guests and host share parts of our lives that inspire others to reach their highest potentials. OMR is about providing real working material and solutions to encourage growth and positivity. Email and ask how to get your music/ad played on our syndicated and highly shared online radio show. Contact me is you feel you could be a guest on skype at Vickens.Moscova or Gtalk at VickensM. Thanks so much and keep downloading and sharing with your friends and family!!!

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Global leader for Inspiring and Elevating the Human Mind....A..Higher Awareness coach on the science and philosophy of compassion, generosity, on.. individual success and peace of mind....Guest on the show..tonight..where anyone can... more

Executive Producer of 1AM. Co-Producer of Ancient Tomorrow. This is a show you will not want to miss. As we go into some of the amazing projects Ramon has been making us aware of. This show will redefine the way you perceive a lot.... more

Charles T. Massey, Jr. was born and raised in Harlem, where he graduated through the NYC Public school system. He has come across some very influential people whom he has befriended in and out of the financial industry, opening his... more

Cherie Johnson best known for her work on TV shows like Punky Brewster, Family Matters and new movie I Do...I Did! ( where she starred, wrote and produced) that airs repeatedly on B.E.T and is out on DVD. Cherie has acquired... more

Tena Williams began singing in her church choir as a little girl in Jamaica and continued when she emigrated to the United States at the age of 10. She began writing songs at the age of 16. Reggae, R&B, and Rap. Tena began recording... more

Please tune in tonight to hear her talk about small business strategies! Society's Choice Dr. Shireen Fernandez is going to be teaching us about building your brand TONIGHT - listen and learn a LOT! more

Since the beginning of the southern hip-hop movement Alabama has lacked the representation to prove to the world that we are a talented power house. In 2005 King David emerged from the small town of Prichard as the C.E.O. of Lordstyle... more

You didn't know this, but around 1521, Pope Leo X from Rome sent his mercenaries to kidnap a Dohgon High Priest from Mali. Why? A Moor from North AfRAka had been captured and taken to Rome. He revealed to the Vatican that... more

Dr. Clint Pearman is a pioneer and founder of the new field of Copenology, an interdisciplinary field that studies scientific research related to how we succeed or fail to live up to our potential. As America’s leading Copenologist and Mental... more

For those who wish their kids came with an instruction manual... Here’s a book for you. Authors Traci Davis & Vicki Holleman-Perez have written The Momma Guide, providing everyday practical advice for mommas everywhere. The Momma... more
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