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Oracle Readings, In The book, of "The Great Oracle of Tebuti And The Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation"it revealed many misteries . It was here where I found, both books, one and two of kemetic teachings. Or, shall I say that this was where I found my salvation and truth. I discovered that I was Kemetic Egyptian. I also realized that IFA faith was connected with the Egyptian teachings. I begin to study, both of these great nation's history. This book was written by: a Spiritual man by the name of, RA UN NEFER AMEN. As I begin to "Reconceptualize the Role of Language, Culture and in the Acquisition of Literacy and Literary Skills. I found that my people were written down in the pages of history to be among those , that were struggling, ethnically, diverse middle and secondary students." I begin to notice just why the African children were struggled so bad! It was because they had not begin to unlock and to decode the mystery system of language. As, a matter of fact they felt lock out side of language, as, well as, the culture. These African children should not be struggling in the system of language today. For the mere fact , that they came from an Egyptian we are the Nubian burnt skinned people that, they reference to in the world's history books throughout the nation. We must reciprocate , and return to the Kemetic system and way of life style by engaging not only in the various African languages, but customs and traditions, as, well! I have been able to bring cultural diversity ,as well African American Heritage to the air waves for the African American families. In addition to Intervention, for Infants and toddlers in the Mental Health field, which is very rare among African American children. We also service Special Populations in Special Education and Early Intervention/ Prevention, from ages 6 years old to ages 22 years old. However, more specifically, we work towards healing the youngest child in the family

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Introducing my Buddy School of Absolute English located in the Timbuktu Language Academy. The curriculum is called Absolute English. The first hour of services will be free of charge for everyone, except for teachers and other... more

Our guest will not be joining us due some unforeseen circumstances . Omi will be discussing Coding programs for girls. She will be breaking down the cost and the payment plan. Also how their program is different from the other online... more

This is a Community Call! Conrad's it is time to go, " Old School On You"! There are topics that we have to clear the schedule for immediately, which concerns our economic status! I hope you don't mind, but I must call your attention to the... more

This is another segment of how parents can re-claim their students future or place in society. Parents have to learn to be their child best advocate. Especially. when it comes to making sure that our children have a chance to exercise all of... more

Please join us for another session of Coding. Is the high tech field for Special Educational student, or was it created for the main -stream students? Parents we invite you in for an another table discussion. Our guest is "Thinking"!

This is the course on Software Developing. You will be learning the benefits of learning to code from the basic level. I will invite many guest speakers who are experts in their field. They will be assisting our class in learning how to jumpstart... more

Hetop, this is the celebration of Harriet Tubman Retake: Join us for the discussion

Harriet was a Nurse, A Scout, a Conductor of the Underground Railroad. She was buried with military honors in Fort Hill Cemetary in New York. Her two trusted Abolitionist's friend fought in the struggle with her. William Steel helped her to... more

Harriet Tubeman our modern day Moses! Harriet Tubeman has returned to witness the day view of her story. She would like to tell the story from her own perspective.

Hotel Family! In honor of Robert Dewitt Jackson we honor him for foundering the Soulful Jackson singer from Frankfurt , Germany. Affectionately known as Bob Dewitt Jackson is being honored for founding the Soulful Jackson singer. Robert... more
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