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Professor Omiyinka7 Zannu



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Oracle Readings, In The book,"The Great Oracle of Tebuti And The Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation", both one and two was where I found my salvation and truth, I discovered that I was Kemetic Egyptian and that IFA faith shared a connection with the Egyptians so, I begin to study both of these great nation's history. This book was written by: a Spiritual man of the name; of, RA UN NEFER AMEN. As I begin to "Reconceptualiizing the Role of Language and Culture in the Acquisition of Literacy and Literary Skills Among Struggling Ethnically Diverse Middle and Secondary Students." I begin to notice just why the African children were struggled so, in learning to unlock and to decode the mystery system of language. These African children should not be struggling in any one system of language, due to the fact , that they came from an Egyptian Kemetic system of languages. As an Professional Development Specialist , in the field of Literacy Coaching and Early Childhood, I have been able to use my skills in the field of English Language Learner to assist these children. I have been able t bring culture diversity ,as well. In addition to Intervention, for Infants and toddlers in the Mental Health field, which is very rare among African children. I have been offering services, as an African Spiritual Practitioner . We also service Special Populations in Special Education from ages 6 years old to ages 22 years old. However, more specifically we work to heal the youngest child in the family, right from the courtroom bench. We are a group of Professional Developmental Specialist. We also function, as certified, Co-Parent Resolutionist, specializing in parenting issues, and Infant Mental Health crisis, ( for children from birth through age five). We are under the category of (Self Help, Mental Health, Special Education and Advocacy), under; Lilly Institute For Exceptional Education in Professional Development. This is an African R

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