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Exorcism of demons, Spiritual Warfare Training, End Time Survival and preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Pastor John Kyle "The Spirit of Stillness" The Oasis Church Email:

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Special Guest tonight is Pastor Bryan S. Webber who will be preaching from 8pm-9pm Eastern. Spiritual Warfare Training for tonight is a audio by the Late Dr JM Haggard called "A Home Laundry" For more audios go to:... more

Al Cuppett will be my first guest tonight from 8-9pm EST Then "Escape from a Cloistered Convent" - True story of Sister Charlotte who was a black veil bride followed by spiritual warfare training and open lines taking your calls for... more

LIVE on Omega Man Radio - Special Guest Benjamin Baruch, author of "The Day of the LORD is at Hand" delivering part two of this Historic Yom Kippur Message called DAY OF RESURRECTION This is a message that impacts... more

Join me tonight LIVE Special message by the late H.A. MAxwell Whyte entitled "The Precious Blood". For more audios go to: and Omega Man for Wide Open Phone Lines... more

Special Guest Benjamin Baruch -LIVE- His website is: Call 1-917-889-2745 to speak to Benjamin

I welcome back tonight Brothers Jackie Grissom & Steve Zarling of the Wilderness Mountain Ministry Website is: Tonight is a special day as it is the DAY OF ATONEMENT The broadcast will... more

I will Pastor Carl Henderson -LIVE- from the Phillipinnes on Omega Man Radio tonight at 11pm Eastern

Join Pastor David Lankford on Omega Man Radio Thurs 10/6 as he delivers a powerful word. His website is: Tune into his broadcasts weekly on BTR and WWCR Monday and Tuesday 5:00 PM –... more

Join Al Cuppett -LIVE- on Omega Man Radio as he gives us an intelligence briefing on what is going on around the globe that affects you and I. Followed with open line at 1-917-889-2745

LIVE at 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central / 4pm Mountain / 3pm Pacific join Omega Man and Special Guest Pastor Bryan Webber who is the grandfather of OMEGAMAN He will be preaching on "Seeking out the Old Paths" Followed by... more
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