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This show covers UFOs, ancient history, extra-terrestrial life and new technology. Your host Mark Snider interviews the key people in the world of exopolitics. The focus of the interviews will deal with contactees, military personnel, scientists, authors, researchers, historians and others that are knowledgeable in the field of UFO study and the many related fields. Purchase music heard on the show at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sniderhumbert. Logo Art based on a painting by Jim Nichols.

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I recognised that the light, which the stars emitted, was a light in the visible spectrum, however, the light of true love remained invisible, creational and for all-great-time.And what your desire is - what you want to bring the human beings - is unity, peace, concord, knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom, and harmony in more profound truth,and cognisant that, in the entire creational realm, in the entire universe, everything is one and bound together. However, this oneness and connectedness with all and everything, is the result of the might and the immeasurable love of Creation, which gives everything selflessly and demands no payment for it.The biggest problem of the human being is his ignorance concerning Creation and its laws and recommendations.

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Courtney Brown is a mathematician and social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Ph.D. degree from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1982 in... more

Quick Update on whats going on with the Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Interdisciplinary cosmologist & psychologist, Paul is known internationally for his concept of "natural spirituality" based in an evolving, self-learning universe; research on the apparent intervention of advanced beings (ABs) in human... more

Jo Ann Richards is the Executive Director of educational non-profit Earth Defense Headquarters. Her husband, Mark Richards, and his father, Ellis Loyd Richards, were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II.... more

Mary RODWELL RN, Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN) Born in the United Kingdom, migrated to Australia in 1991. Resides in Perth Western Australia.Author of "Awakening: How... more

Another discussion on the breaking news from the Nuclear Disaster in Japan.

Gerard Aartsen has been studying and researching the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over 30 years. In his publications and through interviews and talks, he shares his insights, experiences and views to help readers and... more

Because of his numerous contacts & first hand experiences, Fred Steckling, aided by his son, composed their later research into his second book from 1981, We Discovered Alien Bases on the Moon, which, after his father’s passing, was... more

The Lord Yhovah of the Old Testament, who became the Lord Jesus of the New Testament, is described as flying in thick clouds, swift clouds, bright clouds, dark clouds, white clouds, low clouds, great clouds, and fiery clouds. There are... more

Join our discussion concerning the incredible series of events that have occurred in Japan in the past few days.
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