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Ohio Exopolitics

Ohio Exopolitics


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This show covers UFOs, ancient history, extra-terrestrial life and new technology. Your host Mark Snider interviews the key people in the world of exopolitics. The focus of the interviews will deal with contactees, military personnel, scientists, authors, researchers, historians and others that are knowledgeable in the field of UFO study and the many related fields. Purchase music heard on the show at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sniderhumbert. Logo Art based on a painting by Jim Nichols.

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Puerto Rico, Hurricane, George Orwell, Meier Information

Daniel Cooper Talks About His Latest Visit With Billy in Switzerland

Mark and Solaris BlueRaven on Who is Behind the Mic?

These new 'semi-humans' will declare their solidarity with the robotic humans. But before this transpires, another 80 years will pass after the creation of robotic humans, as I mentioned previously. With the creation of robotic humans,... more

And another war on Earth will ensue, for terrestrials will have failed in their attempt to become more peaceloving and intelligent. The future will hold nothing positive pertaining to scientists because they will have begun to perform their... more

George Green majored in Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines and Law and Business at the University of Illinois. He is an expert in UFO Phenomena, investigation, and making contact. He has had contact with ET's and shares... more

In this sense the following is written in "Existing Life in the Universe": "The human knows about the existence of the life of the neighbour. He knows about the life of the fellow human and of the entire mass of humanity. Therefore, however,... more

Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth... more

Always care for the best health of your body and your psyche. Do not disregard the health of your consciousness. Whoever, constantly challenges his/her body and his/her psyche and his/her consciousness, does good and thereby... more

Overpopulation leads to deforestation. The forests moderate the weather. As the forests are cleared more and more the weather will become ever more extreme. Forests through shade in the summer and the absorption of warmth in the winter... more
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