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Fine-Spiritual Perception, Telepathy, Levitation and Teleportation

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Ohio Exopolitics

Ohio Exopolitics


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Only the natural world that exists in material and fine-fluidal form corresponds to the reality, and also only in the reality is the effective truth pre-given; therefore the truth can nowhere else be found than in the reality itself. All of this says that the natural world not only has a material reality and truth, but also a fine-fluidal reality and truth. Thereby, fine-fluidalness – which is a fine-fluidal-consciousness-energetical factor – has effectively to be understood as a high-fine-fluidalness, because it corresponds to a purely spirit-energetical nature that is formed manifold times finer than the fine-fluidalness that builds a symbiosis with the purely material. At the present time, the human being of Earth is not yet able to comprehend, measure and make cognisable fine-fluidal energies by physical means, although he/she is certainly able to detect some fine-fluidal signals. The reason for this lies in the fact that one kind of energy changes into another, wherethrough an energy conversion signal is triggered at the magnetic vector, that is to say, at the magnetic flux density. From the fine-fluidal energies also proceed electric and magnetic signals, whose outcoming effects can be observed and registered. The fine-fluidal energies, which are connected with the human being, are brought forth, i.e. created by the human being himself/herself, and as a result, the size and amount of electrons increases. And if the fine-fluidal energy is triggered by the human being, then he/she is also able to consciously steer the flow of this energy, in which case the interaction, i.e. the mutual impinging between the consciousness and the electrons, is effective over very great distances. Fundamentally, the fine-fluidal energies follow completely different laws than is the case with the material energies.