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Emergency War Powers Act The Constitutional Form of Government is Now Dissolved

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Senate Report 93-549

The War on Terror has included many false flags that have been exposed. These attacks are made to look like terrorists that are running around and killing people. Senate Report 93549 which was presented to the public in 1973 on page 10 it says, "Because Congress and the public are unaware of the extend of emergency powers there never has been any notable objection made to this state of affairs." Courts have not imposed any significant limitations. There is currently a permanent state of emergency that was declared in 1933. In 1933 F.D.R. confiscated the peoples gold. ". Most of the population turned in their gold and they received Federal Reserve notes. The alleged emergency was the banking act. The Federal Reserve told F.D.R. that there was a banking emergency and that people were hoarding their gold. At this time there was a banking holiday. What happened at this time is that they told the people that hoarding gold was a crime. They gave them these Federal Reserve notes as currency for the Gold.

Representative Traficant in spoke on the floor of Congress in 1993 and he spilled the beans. This state of emergency has been in place since 1933. All United States officers, officials and departments are operating in a defacto status in name only in what is called "Emergency War Powers". The Constitutional republican form of government is now dissolved. There are hundreds of statues that deligate to the president extra-ordinary powers. The president can know rule the country without reference to constitutional powers. Obama can know through executive orders act as a petty dictator. These proclimations delegate to the president amazing powers. The president may now seize property, organize and control the means of production, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communications, regulate private enterprise and restrict travel.