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Askets Explanations - Part 1

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Ohio Exopolitics

Ohio Exopolitics


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1. Creation is the foundation of life and of BEING.
2. We fulfill our mission in the strength of Creation, which has not only cosmic but universal significance, because Creation is life and Creation is BEING.
3. And to fulfill our mission, we have to neutralize the spacetime connection barrier between our and your universes, so that we can achieve a harmonious passage through without damage to ships and universes.
4. Because our home world lies in the DAL universe, in the AKON system, in a system foreign to you Earth humans, of a universe just as foreign to you, of which several surround the universe known to you, on the seventh outer belt.
5. Many of these universes lie in other time planes, and in, for you, expanses of utter foreignness.
6. Our universe is a parallel sister universe to yours, respectively a twin universe, and, calculated according to your concepts, it lies in a similar plane.
7. The difference between your time and ours is only very slight.
8. The reason for our coming into this, your DERN universe, lies in earlier times, that are calculated in several centuries, and, indeed, in the urge to explore, and in a fulfillment of an obligation of our race, who, from the earliest times, came from your DERN universe.
9. Made possible through technical developments, an ancient universe barrier was opened again between our (universe) and your universe, that guaranteed us the entrance into your time, after which the knowledge about it, lost many thousands of years ago, was worked out again.
10. Since then we again explored the expanses of your universe and, several centuries ago, discovered this solar system and, therewith, this world, whose inhabitants show a very old connection with the Pleiadians, as you name them for certain reasons, and in which we also are involved - also in the form of that which pertains to a mission.