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Contact Report 70 The Aftermath of the Battle of Atlantis Part2

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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The first thing that Billy mentions is that Noah was about 3 meters and ten centimeters tall.  This makes Noah over 10 feet tall.  
He was commission to build the Ark by JHWH.  This is the same JHWH who gave HENOCH his great wisdom.  
Semjase later told Billy that Noah was not actually the one that ended up building the Ark.  
Much of the information that we have about the story of Noah has been falsified.   
The events associated to the ARK actually took place about 100,000 years ago.  
The large 4 footed animals could have never climbed down from Mount ARARAT.

The biblical flood did not happen at the time as claimed by the bible but in the year 4613 B.C.
and was brought about by the Destroyer. Destroyer falls into the Earth's orbit, which disturbs
the Earth in its rotation and in its revolution around the Sun, triggering immense earthquakes,
volcanic eruptions, and elementary storms, and from the whole event, the Biblical flood arises.
This was actually built around 98,400 years earlier and, hence, around 100,000 years ago,
calculated back from today. According to him (Quetzal) , the Ark landed about 100,000 years ago,
and not on the peak of the 5,165 meter high Ararat but about 30 kilometers away and not at the height of a summit.
The size of the ark also corresponds to the one given in the bible. With this, the many animals
and only a few human beings had really survived an earlier deluge which, like the biblical deluge,
was brought about by a pole shift. Noah did not live at the time of the events with the Ark and neither did his family