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Galactic History Billy Meier Contact 251 Part 10

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Ohio Exopolitics

Ohio Exopolitics


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a.    The human race can be traced back to the Lyrian Star System where they had advanced space travel some 12 billion years ago.
b.    Our ancestors eventually spread to the Star System Sirius where they moved into the furthest reaches of that System.
c.    One branch of the Lyrians advanced to quickly and lost the ability to fight and defend themselves;
d.    This branch of the Lyrians bred a genetically altered human being with shortened life spans and increased aggression.
e.    We are the genetically altered people that one branch of the Lyrians created to actually do their fighting.  
f.    The Sirius intelligence did not think our solar system would be a good candidate for settlements for the genetically manipulated people because our sun is dying.
g.    The atmosphere of the earth today fails to live up to human respiratory requirements.
h.    Eventually our ancestors did migrate to our Star System (SOL) from the Sirius region where we populated the following planets:
i.    Malona which was eventually destroyed by the people that lived on it;
ii.    Mars which was destroyed by what we call planet X and the Meier material calls the destroyer;
iii.    Earth which was populated from the people that fled from Mars.  ;
i.    We the genetically manipulated people have worshipped these Gods, who were actually very advanced humans, from the Sirius and Lyrian star systems.
j.    The Old Lyrians entered our space and time configuration and caused havoc.  The Giza Intelligences are an example of these former benefactors.
k.    These alleged gods influenced religions here on earth and even wiped out our ancestral records.