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This show covers UFOs, ancient history, extra-terrestrial life and new technology. Your host Mark Snider interviews the key people in the world of exopolitics. The focus of the interviews will deal with contactees, military personnel, scientists, authors, researchers, historians and others that are knowledgeable in the field of UFO study and the many related fields. Purchase music heard on the show at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sniderhumbert. Logo Art based on a painting by Jim Nichols.

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Round Table discussion...

The Earth human's sense of effort towards seeking the truth has disappeared. He has lost the inclination to seek the truth through his inherent power of thinking, searching and recognizing. Therefore he has wandered into the erroneous form... more

Open topics and open discussion...

hese capabilities present, however, merely one facet of HAARP's technology. Possible side effects that are just as frightening must also be considered. The fact is that, to date, no one completely understands how the ionosphere will react... more

In June 1997 the German Research Agency for Aeronautics and Space Travel (DLR) announced the discovery of a small moon in close proximity to the asteroid Dionysus. This announcement of the two discoverer astronomers generated a... more

Once the starving people have been saved from a death of starvation, they become well nourished, healthy and robust once again, and immediately begin through the lack of information regarding birth control to procreate in an... more

Crashes of airplanes, Middle East problems, Problems in Ukraine, Illegals coming across our border

Planet KUDRA was discovered by an expedition fleet from Lasan when it left the Lyra systems approximately 16 million years ago to conduct its research and search for human life on the other side of the Milky Way. in the process, the... more

Countless billion universes like this are held within the endless spiritual intelligence of Creation. What is visible to the human's physical eyes is but a tiny iota within endlessness.

Very well, then, once again, a Genesis calculation: A day of the first material Creation Universe evolving in this form amounts to 311,040,000,000,000 well-known years of earthly chronology, and this is calculated from the first... more
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