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Craig Kirk’s relentless public service & life long sacrifice has faced Intense Pressure, Scrutiny, Ridicule, Government Surveillance, or secret Investigations without just cause. However, Craig refuses to allow mean people to prevail in the face of injustice by Government or private corporations using harassment retaliation or tyranny for the good of all. Craig is fighting mad. He’s Investigated Biblical constitutional Civil Rights law violations by Government for 12 years. He seeks Righteousness, in the courts, Right Ruling, & survival of America by the rule of law not of men. Craig's relentless pursuit for wisdom Knowledge understanding Justice, Freedom, is bringing the fight to bad people the American way. Craig Kirk is proud to be an American legal fighter. He fights for good people thru education defeating criminals or bad people in good government every time. Topics for discussion; Government Decline & Criminal Civil Law Oppression, Intimidation & Harassment Biblical Law & Religious Free Exercise, The Draft Child Exemptions for Inoculation or Vacations. Family Law & Rights, Home Schooling Law, Police Misconduct, Prosecutor Misconduct, Predatory Lending, Credit Card Abuse, Monsanto, Organic Meats & Raw Milk Dairy Foods, Heirloom Open Pollinated Seeds, Court Procedures with orders & Hearings and much more so tune in & Listen and enjoy the Radio show. Ohio Valley Law School is located in Warsaw, Ohio If you need help legal information, or research, private Schooling then your invited but free to call Craig at 740 824 4850 Emailcraigslaw@fromtier.com or Write to Address P.O. BOX 206 Warsaw, Ohio. Thank You Craig Kirk

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This episode is Sponsored by the Ohio Valley Law School. com. Craig puts before you, the listener the prospect of court procedures and what to do and when to do it. In the federal Constitutional writings, the founders knew that an American... more

Craig in this episode talks how to stop law firms in their track but deny banks the false right to Foreclosure on your property or homes. Craig says right now in American history we have a great opportunity to stop this National thief by... more

The draft recommendations of the president's commission on deficit reduction call for closing popular tax deductions, higher gas taxes and other revenue raisers to drive tax collections up to 21% of GDP from the historical norm of about 18.5%.... more

Craig Kirk: Craig in this episode explains to the listeners that Ohio and American courts are pretty fair and righteous. The problem is that the everyday individuals have no training or understanding how the Bill of Rights Court... more

Craig in this episode speaks on the coming war and the impact on the U.S. Craig says there are those government officials who refuse to tell us that this next and possible and last war with Israel will look like. Craig says America will go back to... more

Craig in this episode discloses his resources on biblical law or history books. Since the turn of the 19th century many domestic and foreign powers have tried to hide from the general public discovering the truth about America Rome... more

Craig disuses the biblical common law, written in the hearts and minds of men. The Common Law has always been with us and generally every man knows it,Non Gay men wants a beautifully loving wife kind skilled in business child... more

This segment of the QUI TAM RADIO REPORT Craig, disuses the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment WWW.PCCOH.COM and the effects and nature reclaiming fundamental rights for the Ohio Citizen under Ohio constitutional... more

Ohio Valley Law School. com On the cutting edge of law and truth. This report Craig begins with an overview of Congress’s authority pursuant to the Commerce and Bankruptcy Clauses to pass laws pertaining to foreclosures, and a... more

In this episode Craig discusses the the government new and allowed the banks to break the Patriot Act. Here we find that the banks and government in bed together but for us religious Objectors who don't have identification the... more