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Craig in this episode discuses state divorce and the enjoyment government receives from your family's destruction. Before Ohio we were originally a farming and family territory. But now the Corporate State of Ohio is well known for it's welfare programs and the control by corporation at the legislators level. Politician campaign for more jobs, cut taxes and small government. But the truth is as long we consent to this criminal behavior insanity against our family, Ohio government will continue to murder the Family. So coming through current form and structure of Ohio domestic relations law, the people will never be free from government or it's destruction of the family. Marriage in America came from the common law and Elohim told mankind to be fruitful and multiply. Men are designed to be king in his home but pass to their first born son an inheritance which supports the son so he can take care of the family and Mom and Dad get old. Early in America Family's lived and thrived generally in the world with no government interference. Today in 2010 family's are broken and destroyed reduced down to government slaves begging for more state federal feudal systems LIKE welfare, Medicaid, medicare, social security, school lunches, employment ect. In public school, We teach our daughter to use condoms and our sons to sell drugs through the training of our local sheriffs departments at school. Craig discloses to his listeners how to exercise their rights in court. Both men and women are asked to consider what would life be like without government in your bed and to divorce the state but remarry under the law of God not mans law. Craig says until this happens the American family will never be truly free in this area of law and life. craigslaw@frontier.com 740 824 4850 Write a letter Craig, PO BOX 206 WARSAW OHIO 43844. HISTORY IS THE LAW LAW IS THE HISTORY