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Craig Kirk’s relentless public service & life long sacrifice has faced Intense Pressure, Scrutiny, Ridicule, Government Surveillance, or secret Investigations without just cause. However, Craig refuses to allow mean people to prevail in the face of injustice by Government or private corporations using harassment retaliation or tyranny for the good of all. Craig is fighting mad. He’s Investigated Biblical constitutional Civil Rights law violations by Government for 12 years. He seeks Righteousness, in the courts, Right Ruling, & survival of America by the rule of law not of men. Craig's relentless pursuit for wisdom Knowledge understanding Justice, Freedom, is bringing the fight to bad people the American way. Craig Kirk is proud to be an American legal fighter. He fights for good people thru education defeating criminals or bad people in good government every time. Topics for discussion; Government Decline & Criminal Civil Law Oppression, Intimidation & Harassment Biblical Law & Religious Free Exercise, The Draft Child Exemptions for Inoculation or Vacations. Family Law & Rights, Home Schooling Law, Police Misconduct, Prosecutor Misconduct, Predatory Lending, Credit Card Abuse, Monsanto, Organic Meats & Raw Milk Dairy Foods, Heirloom Open Pollinated Seeds, Court Procedures with orders & Hearings and much more so tune in & Listen and enjoy the Radio show. Ohio Valley Law School is located in Warsaw, Ohio If you need help legal information, or research, private Schooling then your invited but free to call Craig at 740 824 4850 Emailcraigslaw@fromtier.com or Write to Address P.O. BOX 206 Warsaw, Ohio. Thank You Craig Kirk

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In the episode Craig talks about the people sell there rights out Well if your tired of being on the back of the bus Ohio Valley Law School is For you. January 16, 2011 12:03 AM Bob Blake wrote time LIMA — Two weeks into the new year and... more

Last week the Fifth Circuit handed down a significant decision on the “private search” doctrine in Fourth Amendment law, United States v. Oliver. Oliver permits warrantless searches under the private search doctrine even when the police... more

The Private Search Doctrine First, some background. The Fourth Amendment regulates the government, not private parties. If a private party conducts a search, and that private party is not somehow an agent of the government, the Fourth... more

In this episode, Craig explains that when talking to any So called Executive Branch Agents FBI always let it be in the nature of parables like Christ.Then that way you can protect yourself let it be third party information never direct info.... more

Craig in this episode explains one of many problems with an Ohio State Bar,& there is really no such thing as a license to practice law in Ohio. The ideal that any state Bar issues law license AKA Bar cards membership to the practice... more

Craig in this episode talks about Three New Orleans Police Officers Found Guilty in the Post-Katrina Shooting and Burning of Henry Glover WASHINGTON- A federal jury in New Orleans convicted three current and former New Orleans... more

Hi folks sorry been away for a while working on my civil rights case. Hay in this discussion i prove from David Singleton, Esq. law professor that you not only can win your case but the odds transfer to your side if and only that you should be... more

Craig in the episode, discusses the family farm big box stores and your duty to feed your family from your own home garden. Choose today gmo hybrid or organic open pollinated food. Does it seem like work YES good work hard work.... more

Craig explorers with the listener Ohio courts and the procedures which to move your courts. Ohio and all the people who love Ohio have rights but when Craig talks to these people who object to the Ohio Bill Of Rights, Craig's asks why do... more

Craig in this discussion talk about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange facing growing legal problems around world as Interpol issues wanted notice. Hay it's time for you and I know what is going on in our government. With data released... more