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I’m Jamie. Life liver and kid lover. I’ve been an advocate for children since I entered Social Work 10 years ago and learned the beauty of potty training.

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Join internationally recognized potty training expert, Jamie Glowacki, for an hour-long all questions, all answers show. Whether your child is stuck somewhere in the process, showing resistance, or you simply want to share a success, you can call in live and chat directly with Jamie. As always, we love live callers but you can also write in a question on our Facebook page, if you can't make it live. Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ohcrap/2014/07/29/potty-training-support-e68#ixzz38iMu4z00
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Today's show included the following topics: *How to handle a 3 and 1/2 year old who is a DEEP sleeper AND won't get out of bed even when he does wake. *19 month old doing GREAT with pee but poops are SUPER soft and he can't get to... more

Today's show turned into a complete study in night training! If you have any night training questions or issues, this is the episode you want to listen to!

Today's episode included the following topics: *child who did awesome with potty training and suddenly starts pooping in his pants *complete success with a younger child but 5 year old is still having difficulties with night training *5 weeks... more

This week episode was GREAT. Lots of discussion around night training, moving your toddler to the bed, when to take a break from night training and how to adjust things if you are going to keep going. A few more topics we covered were:... more

Today's topics included: *25 month old showing no patterns at all during night training *night training questions: should your child be barebummed? What if child starts staying dry on his own? Should you still do a wake up? *Child who... more

Today's episode includes the following topics: *3 year old who absolutely refuses anything to do with the potty. Of note, this family has a second child in the age range of potty training. *Child who's on track with potty training but is very... more

In today's episode, the following topics were addressed: *2 yo child was doing pretty well and suddenly started having accidents that have progressed to all the time. *Child who is stuck in "naked time". Does great with no pant but has... more

Today's episode includes the following topics: * how to teach a child to wipe his own butt * first days crazy good and then mom pushed a little too hard and now has resistance from child *potty training twins, particularly one who is holding... more

In this episode, we covered the following topics: *A lot on the topic of dribbling, trickling and generally waiting for a dribble as a cue before pottying. *When to start using underpants/ how to tell if the muscle memory of diapers is gone... more

Yay! This week we're doing a Thursday evening show to help accomodate working Moms and other time zones. As usual...feel free to call in live questions or write them in if you can't make it live. See you then!
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