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oh crap with jamie

oh crap with jamie


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I’m Jamie. Life liver and kid lover. I’ve been an advocate for children since I entered Social Work 10 years ago and learned the beauty of potty training.

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Today's episode covered the following topics: *Night training and light sleepers who wake up and are awake for hours. *32 month old boy who's doing great but needs to disrobe completely before pottying and is resistant to getting... more

In today's episode we covered the following topics: *21 month old, still not getting it after 2 months of earnest commitment on parents' part. Child's behavior is escalating, especially when trying to remove wet pants *33 month old boy who... more

Today's episode included some of the following topics: *Lots of various daycare issues; from downright uncooperative daycares to daycares wanting to diaper for things like going outside. *Ways to get your child to tell someone ELSE they... more

Join internationally recognized potty training expert, Jamie Glowacki, for an hour-long all questions, all answers show. Whether your child is stuck somewhere in the process, showing resistance, or you simply want to share a success,... more

Today's show was REALLY great. Lots of live callers so we covered a BUNCH of issues. This show ran over time and is an hour and a half. We had technological difficulties in the first few minutes of the show. There's blank air but don't... more

Today's episode included the following topics: *Nursing/ Co-sleeping 16month old. Parents feel child is READY and want to be sure sleep "ducks" are in a row. *What do to with mushy poops and training? Child has always had thick, mushy... more

Today's episode included the following topics: *Can crotch-less pants be worn during block 1? And/or during block 2? *Training twins when you're on your own. *Fear of release on the potty. Child self intiates but once sitting, won't release.... more

Today's episode included the following topics: *Night training that is allllll over the map. Complete inconsistency with no discernable patterns and child is a self professed deep sleeper. *19.5 on day 3. He fights sitting and seems to know... more

In today's episode, we discussed the following topics: *Child wakes herself at night to potty but then resists actually sitting on the potty *Child who will not go potty for the babysitter. She is holding it until parents come home. *A few... more

Today's topics included: *Can I nap train even though I'm not ready to night train my child? *Expectations for potty training under 20 months *Child with limited vocabulary but is interested and initiating on her own. Has some EC... more
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