oh crap with jamie

oh crap with jamie

oh crap with jamie

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I’m Jamie. Life liver and kid lover. I’ve been an advocate for children since I entered Social Work 10 years ago and learned the beauty of potty training.

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Join internationally recognized potty training expert, Jamie Glowacki, for an hour-long all questions, all answers show. Whether your child is stuck somewhere in the process, showing resistance, or you simply want to share a... more
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Today's topics included: *Can I nap train even though I'm not ready to night train my child? *Expectations for potty training under 20 months *Child with limited vocabulary but is interested and initiating on her own. Has some EC... more

Today's episode included the following topics: *switch to toddler bed brought on some "freedom" behavior, parents rediapered for night/naps and don't know what to do next *23 month old who has "accidents" when he doesn't get his... more

Today's episode included the following topics: *Night training: 10:30pm wake up and mostly dry till morning...what's the next step? *Night training to full independence when child hates little potty but needs help for big toilet. *Success... more

In today's episode we addressed the following issues: *27 mos old and night training. Mom is expecting baby #2 in March. 2 year molars have yet to arrive and child doesn't like poop in his diaper *28 mos is a camel and has accidents when... more

In today's episode, we addressed the following topics: *More on night training, specifically when a child gets sick, is teething or other developmental glitches *And still more on night training and nailing the right times *Child who is picky... more

Today's show included the following topics: *How to handle a 3 and 1/2 year old who is a DEEP sleeper AND won't get out of bed even when he does wake. *19 month old doing GREAT with pee but poops are SUPER soft and he can't get to... more

Today's show turned into a complete study in night training! If you have any night training questions or issues, this is the episode you want to listen to!

Today's episode included the following topics: *child who did awesome with potty training and suddenly starts pooping in his pants *complete success with a younger child but 5 year old is still having difficulties with night training *5 weeks... more

This week episode was GREAT. Lots of discussion around night training, moving your toddler to the bed, when to take a break from night training and how to adjust things if you are going to keep going. A few more topics we covered were:... more

Today's topics included: *25 month old showing no patterns at all during night training *night training questions: should your child be barebummed? What if child starts staying dry on his own? Should you still do a wake up? *Child who... more
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