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Created out of a want for more elevated and uplifting content, Off the Record with Georgette Pierre spotlights topics in music, entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle. Highlighting those not highly recognized by the media but by their peers with an “edutainment” approach, the show seeks to present fresh content in a way that resonates with her audience. Giving off the vibe of “old friends catching up”, Georgette's personable and candid style allows listeners to witness an unbounded conversation, no filters. Think Oprah meets Chelsea Lately.

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Calling himself the new school hippie, hip-hop and pop artist, Starrz, is taking the indie scene by storm. Born and raised in Baltimore, the backpack rapper has kept his city buzzing with latest singles, ?Dope Trilla? and ?Dance All Night.?... more

With music playing such a major role in her life, her musical influences span many genres. Now residing in NYC by way of Virginia Beach, Sanura discovered her vocal abilities at a very young age. From dropping her first indie debut... more

In a generation of fleeting messages and drive by hellos, social media and phone apps are starting to replace some forms of intimacy and face time (no not the Apple product). In a span of a few years, millennials went from texting to sexting,... more

In a previously recorded special edition of Off the Record with Georgette Pierre, I took my radio show on the road. While in LA, I met up with Grammy nominated producer, Mason Levy, known for his work on Justin Bieber's hit single... more

Cheating has been the bain of a monogamous relationship's existence but according to who? We all define cheating differently based on our tolerance and our experiences. So how would you define cheating? To some, cheating... more

Women have always known way before Beyonce's song, ?Girls (Run the World)?, that we possess a lot of power and can hold our own but it isn't just enough to say that especially in male dominated industries like media and... more

Having been signed at a young age, singer, songwriter, and producer, Velous, knows a thing or two about music. Now signed to indie label, Swanky Music Group, Velous is gearing up for his new release called Velocity. Building his... more

Model, TV correspondent, motivational speaker, and much more, Bianca Chardei is a force to be reckoned with, especially on the runway. Modeling from a young age, Bianca appeared on Season 13 of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) and... more

Each year brings a new artist, a new song, a new album, and a crazy story to accompany it. 2012 has produced some epic moments in music history and my featured guests will deliberate on it. Young Jack Thriller, comedian and host of... more

From fashion shows to discovering her love for music at a young age, Devyn Rose, formerly known by the moniker Tanya T6, was always a singer and songwriter at heart. Performing at different venues and showcases, particularly... more