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I'm Sorry

  • Broadcast in Comedy



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We have to apologize for tonight's show...no really...we do. Why you ask? Well tonight's show is titled "I'm Sorry" and for good reasons.

Matias tells a story about something that did or did not happen to him and whether or not saying you're sorry is appropriate, needed, helpful and whether or not it matters if the person one might owe an apology deserves that apology if they are mad about what happened.

Lovely co-host, Chloe, does some wonderfully awful impersonations of Matias opening the show and shares her ideas about when, how and inwhat yoga position one should or could say they are sorry.

Co-host Kevin Dorian joins in with his two cents on apologies and even gives us an anecdote about making drunken fool of himself at Heath Ledger's new year's eve party and what happened when he bumped into Heath six months later at a Radiohead concert after-party andapologized to him for being an obnoxious party crasher.

We're also joined by Ugo Bianchi for another one of his tales. This time it's Vegas debauchery in "Anecdotes of A Dirty Old Man" where we find out about his short-lived, whirlwind romance with a superstitioushooker looking to get lucky in The City of Sin circa 1972, who banged and bankrolled him at the blackjack tables for 2-3 days straight (he's not sure, it was all a blur). And of course, Matias ends with one of his wonderful quotes just before we wish our beloved Chloe a happy belated birthday. Join us next week for more Off The Air and send any email for the show to ask [at] offtheairpodcast [dot] com.

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