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All elements of our culture. Art, music, dance and social commentary on current events. Hosted by stand up comic D.J No request. Join the fun and call in or just listen.

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Tonight in music class 101, we will have a group discussion on the music that shaped the generation. In this series we are trying to figure out where we went left. Call in or just dig the scene...

Tonights show will be about booze, starting from the bottom with moonshine and ripple, to the top shelf premium spirits, and also this amazing drink (sold @ a hood near you) the NutCracker!!! tune in.. see you there

In todays show, the usual suspects will have a very detailed discussion and interview with Mr. Rufus Dunbar ( Expert Crack Addict). Today we will dive into the world of Mr. Dunbar.

Hey, party people.....we only have 6 days left. Todays show will be about the oldest past time hobbies known to man...SEX! Mr. Rizz, Kung-Fu Jane and D.J No Request will introduce a special guest. Hush Money Davis will be on... more

Tune in!!! We will adress many issues with the New York CityTransit System, and hear tons of horror stories from peoples experiences. tune in!!!

How to be a Baller on a Budget. In this show we will help you and out listeners, keep people from realizing your one paycheck from living in a cardboard box. join DJ No Request and Mr Riz....also Kung Fu Jane will be in the house.. tune in

tonight is the sequel to last weeks episode, about relationships, stalkers and what makes relationships work.

In todays episode, we will help the good people figure out if they qualify to be considered a loser. With todays economy in a shambles and people pinchng pennies, how can we compete with the lifestyles our culture represents??? So... more

We're BAAAAACK!!!! hey party people.. The crew is officially back.. D.J No request and Mr. Riz are spear heading the foolishness... tune in

Remember roller discos? how about the deuce back in the days...the game room, 5 dollar movies???? where do you think NYC is headed? progression or decline?