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All elements of our culture. Art, music, dance and social commentary on current events. Hosted by stand up comic D.J No request. Join the fun and call in or just listen.

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Todays show we chop it up about the blueprint. You see images of the haves and trinkets of the rich.... but nobodies giving directions. Whats good?

Money and all the good and bad that comes with it. Why is todays culture geared towards overspending? The team is back and geared up for a flow session on that and many more issues. Tune in.... See ya there

Tonight we get into Hypothetical scanarios that can happen to would you deal with matters like this? New picture shows and shedding light on our cultures brightest stars.

In todays episode, we explore the what if things were different angle. Suppose we lived in an alternate world.

Todays episode ( The Smokers Lounge ) is dedicated to the Artisis that need to be recognized. we also will be adressing topics such as..subway suicides...the foolishness that people put on social media sites and much more.. tune in..

Tonight we will get into Movies...Horrors to be exact. Why are they no longer scary? Why did they remake the chainsaw massacre 3 times? We will explore this topic and much more. Tonights special guest will be Miss Cherry...lending her... more

Tonight in music class 101, we will have a group discussion on the music that shaped the generation. In this series we are trying to figure out where we went left. Call in or just dig the scene...

Tonights show will be about booze, starting from the bottom with moonshine and ripple, to the top shelf premium spirits, and also this amazing drink (sold @ a hood near you) the NutCracker!!! tune in.. see you there

In todays show, the usual suspects will have a very detailed discussion and interview with Mr. Rufus Dunbar ( Expert Crack Addict). Today we will dive into the world of Mr. Dunbar.

Hey, party people.....we only have 6 days left. Todays show will be about the oldest past time hobbies known to man...SEX! Mr. Rizz, Kung-Fu Jane and D.J No Request will introduce a special guest. Hush Money Davis will be on... more