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All elements of our culture. Art, music, dance and social commentary on current events. Hosted by stand up comic D.J No request. Join the fun and call in or just listen.

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Time to enjoy yourself and see some family...or. Come chill with the crew before the day of the Bird arrives. Remember, Save a plate for the team. Happy holidays party people

Does being rich or wealthy poison the fabric that makes us civilized and humane? Lets explore a topic seldom discussed. How money can change a person negatively. How greed and excess can open doors in a persons soul they never... more

Peace, No Request and the crew kicking back and getting into what rubs you the wrong way New York City. What gets you fumed...the job, your boss, your man your chic whatever is fair game on salty tuesdays. tune in

In the modern relationship, what would be taboo in the bedroom? what would you not do to please your partner? lets explore this topic a bit. Since sex and love in relationships can get twisted and disconnected how do we remain in tact and... more

How is it that i can get all the information about anything and anyone, wether it be crime stats or relationship woes...straight from social media outlets from the direct parties involved. Why are you exposing your business to the world? Follow the... more

What happened to Rhymn and Blues? We are all aware about the demise of hip hop, but what about R&B? Join Delerious, Mr. Rizz and No Request tonight @ 11pm.

Todays episode, we will discuss why marriage is a temporary stay for most people or a stepping stone to finding your life partner. Do people really intend to stay together through thick and thin? Can the new age couple cope with financial... more

Whats good, NYC? The crew is back and ready to chop it up a bit. Mr.Rizz, No Request and introducing Cali's own Delerious. You know we have some catching up to tune in

Dawning on the summer of the D.J, , Official Lumps Radio will be showcasing the talents of the unsung heroes behind the foundation of the beat. The masters of the 1 and 2's. Your rhythm provider for today will be The Imperial Dj Sond.

Good Morning party peeps, let No request pilot your groove on your way to the grind. This mix is for you, rare grooves sprinkled with some funky classics. Dont forget to tune in Friday...