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MAA: Male Deity of Divine Law & Balance - Eradicating Male Emotional Instability

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In this episode of AKANFO NANASOM - Ancient Authentic Akan Ancestral Religion, we examine the nature of the Ntoro (Deity) Maa in relation to the emotional stability of the Afurakani male. Maa, as the Male Divinity of Divine Law and Balance sustains our physical, emotional and spiritual balance as well as the balance in all of Creation. Maa is the male complement of Maat, the Female Divinity of Divine Law and Balance. They work together to sustain balance in Creation. 

When an Afurakani male is out of harmony with Maa, his thoughts, intentions and actions - physical and emotional - manifest imbalance. Physical imbalance includes poor diet, health, obesity, disease, drug use, sexual deviance/lustful behavior, misplaced aggression, etc. Emotional imbalance includes fear, immaturity, lack of the capacity to regulate fire (control anger), delusions of granduer, argumentative disposition, rationalization of false beliefs and related self-destructive behaviors rooted in insecurity and desire for acceptance and more. 

The key to eradicating emotional instability for Afurakani males is to recognize who the Deity Maa is and to invoke Maa regularly.

We examine our publications:

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