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Tonight on OCULUS RADIO we will be discussing the resurgence of PHILANTHROPY. A mechanism of creative manifestation which has been stifled by Corporatocracy and 'Owned Government'. We know that most Nuevo -Riche Capitalists are subjugating their lives by adding to the greed and power of this current Plurocratic beast. Each have their own egoic agenda, but each are still fearful of scarcity. Financial non-attachment as a premise for the distribution of wealth flourished  in the  great Renaissance periods of history. 

Those who 'HAD' knew that a balance was needed for spiritual evolution, and fused their wealth into concepts and industry which would benefit mankind with no attachment to the outcome, instead of the current Corporate Greed. Those who 'HAD NOT' would use their creativity to unconditionally evolve humanity into new understandings and co-create with those who 'HAD' in a cohesive interpretation of the dynamic of the 'HUMAN and EARTH'. 

So now, after the CORPORATE SYRINGE has been let loose on the planet, nearly sucking the life out of 'HUMAN and EARTH', a trigger point has been reached and we are taking back our lives. Putting functional and conceptual understanding of how humanity existed cohesively for the good of all, rather than the CORPORATE MODEL of FEEDING THE EGO. 

Join us as we re-create new interpretations of PHILANTHRPOY in the new PARADIGM. Meet conceptual thinkers and inventors who are waiting on the sidelines, watching this OLIGARCHAL DEATH, knowing that their lives have been created for this moment. Listen to 'REAL and AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES which are here and waiting to be funded through PHILANTHROPY. It will truly amaze you. 

Join Hosts David O'Brien, Lisa M Harrison, Bob Wright and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of indulgence, into creating the world we seek.