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The Indigenous Australian Wisdom Men believe that there are two conflicting paradigms happening simultaneously on the planet. The ORION based paradigm which has given us the EGO, and the Psychopathic Mind being the EGOS Ultimate Reward. Showering the individual with material wealth, finanacial wealth and dominion over others. Within the Psychosis of the 'out of control ego',  its urge to dominate and have power over all living things feeds its thirst like Blood to the Vampyre.

The extraction of 'EMPATHY' and 'COMPASSION' from its human resources allow the Psychotic individual to justify a means to an end. Sometimes being responsible for killing millions of humans as a result of its decision making. Yet not a tear will be shed or a moment wasted for the deceased. 

Then we have the SIRIUS/PLEIADIAN paradigm. Which has been instrumental in feeding humanity with the 'COMMUNITY' and the belonging we all seek. There is talk that the CREATOR dwells within the SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM. Or a Group of EMISSARIES who represent the CREATORS needs and desires.

Not many people know of the 'SOUL MEMORY VIRUS'. An etheric Viral implant which is infused within the human system at the top of the spine as the spirit decends to unite with the conceived fetal child. Cutting the new human off from the souls memory. Stripping one of the most important components of ones destiny. Myth of Fact.....we at OCULUS RADIO  will be looking into these anomalies on our Friday Evening Show. 

Join Hosts David O'Brien, Lisa M Harrison, Bob Wright  and Octavia McMahon and weekly special guests for 3 hours of indulgence, into creating the world we seek.