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There is a NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION going on, and we need to heed the warning of this new Energy that is being protruded from within the planet. There has been four attempts in articulating the Ascension Process within the Human Evolution. Information is being given to humanity as to the Process of Ascension, but nevertheless it is a process. History tells us that those four attempts to transcend fear and go into the Universal Mind had failed.

We are at the Gates of the FIFTH PLANETARY ASCENSION and we are aware than the previous times into what needs to be done. Greed an Lust are two of the main components to why we failed the previous times. But in the quagmire of Materialism there breathes a Pure Intent which seems to be satiating a Generation of Humans who have prepared for this event for most, if not all of their lives. In binding the apocalyptic beast , post World War 2, this Generation was set upon by dysfunctionalism, hatred, Global Corporate Media, the Military Industrial Complex, Mind Control, ography, Big Pharma and the list goes on.  

So back to the Process. The redressing of the imbalance of the Divine Feminine. The 1600 to 2000 years of opression and intimidation women have been subjected to, needs to be addressed. At this point in time that opression is going to be rectified by GAIA/SOPHIA. And one can stop it. So be prepared folks.

Something is about to inhabit your body, mind and soul. An immense injection of DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY that will rectify the balance of Anima/Animus and you will not escape this. It will create a surge withing you that can go either way. Some may not survive because of their continual embellishment in Mysoginistic and Psychopathic practices. Which one are YOU. 

 Join Hosts  David O'Brien, Bob Wright, Lisa M Harrison, Bevan Wright, Tommy Bradahl and Octavia McMahon for 3 hours of indulgence, into creating the world we seek.