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Discussions about all things RECOVERY, all things SUBSTANCE ABUSE ADDICTION, all things SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT, all things OCG, and all things DAYTOP

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Show Topic: We've been gone for 2 months. A number of things have transpired with OCG during that time that we want to talk about. We also have some gripes that we need to resolve. Show Segments: News / Sports / Updates / Show Topic

SHOW TOPIC: We interview Friend of OCG, Author (and much more) Kenya Aissa about her, and her book, Sacred Girl. The book was inspired by the girls on her Caseload while a Counselor at Daytop California. Sacred Girl is geared... more

Show Topic: Who are the Johnny's? We are referring to those clients who for many reasons do not receive the peer support and intervention needed during the treatment experience. Often times there may be a chorus developing for the... more

Show Topic: Inquiring minds want to know the following: Can a sense of Entitlement be compatible with succeeding in Recovery? Can a sense of Entitlement co-exist with Gratitude? The prevailing attitudes, behaviors, and... more

Show Topic: When in recovery, cravings are like your antagonist. Picking at you, bothering you, infiltratiing your dreams, and even traumatizing some to the brink of relapse. Cravings however are a part of the recovery process, that almost... more

SHOW TOPIC: In honor of this years NFL draft coming up Friday we're holding our own draft. Your humble hosts will each take turns drafting their favorite Unwritten Philosophies that they each deem integral to asuccessful recovery... more

Show Topic: After we settle in and adjust to the physical demands of treatment we are left with dealing with the man and woman in the mirror. Often times this requires examining traumatic experiences that have negatively impacted our... more

Show Topic: How essential is it to have positive Role Models throughout the Treatment and Recovery process? It is extremely essential! It is just as essential and like a Recovery ?twin? to surrounding yourself with positive peers. We... more

Show Topic: Why do so many addicts experience chronic relapse? Is it just the nature of the beast? Or, is it just their fault for not wanting recovery enough? Or, have we done a disservice to the Chronic Relapser? With the help of a great... more