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Current Trials and HLN

Current Trials and HLN


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Occupy HLN is dedicated to spreading the word of due process while analyzing legal cases and discouraging the populace from engaging in trial-by-media.

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Dylan Johnson was arrested on February 7th, 2012 for a alleged crime that occurred in Guanjuato, Mexico in 2003. No evidence. No DNA. No motive. Police report estimated victim's age to be 27, not 16, as some unofficial sources... more

Ex-Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz and criminal defense attorney Jennifer Fitzgerald weigh in with their opinions on the Jeffrey Havard case in Mississippi. Jeff sits on death row, a victim of an angry lynch mob and an... more

Cowboy Up! Occupy interviews outspoken and famous bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla, 2:00pm est (11:00am pst)! We'll talk about the OJ case, Casey Anthony case, the Speek Freak killers, Patrick McDermott, Jodi Arias, Alexis Murphy,... more

Join Occupy for a discussion with bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. We will talk to Leonard about: The Casey Anthony Case, including his involvement in the search for Caylee, and ensuing lawsuits The OJ Simpson Case and his... more

Occupy sits down with Frank Taaffe, friend of George Zimmerman and ardent supporter. Frank was a regular guest on HLN, where he fought the trial-by-media lynch mob on a daily basis. In this interview, Occupy will delve into Frank's... more

America's Constitution has been trampled on, and our prosecutorial malfeasance and county jail system are a large part of what's wrong with our system. Additionally, the trashing of our 8th Amendment is a large part of why America's... more

America houses 25% of the world's prison population. Occupy will take a peek into why this is so, and what can be done to rectify the problem.

What kinds of appellate issues are in play for the Jodi Arias case? Did Juan Martinez and Sherry Stephens run a fair courtroom? Or did they leave a lot of avenues open to appealable issues? Call in and opine!... more

Your opinions on how the verdict was reached in the Jodi Arias trial, the aftermath, the various funds set up for profit, and what you foresee during the penalty phase of the trial and future appellate options. All opinions are... more