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our independent look at politics in general.Were we are heading and a totally different spin on our government. a lot of truth and fun! lets kick butt!!Catch our show live 5 days a week Monday thru Friday. 3:00 PM Pacific 5:00 PM Central 6:00 PM Eastern www.lynnespoliticalcorner.com livestream

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Up until recently, Sarah was living off of $400 per month as she continues to prepare for the upcoming Olympics. Thanks to a group of committed activists, Sarah received her very first sponsorship from a digital ad firm named Solve... more

i am not a bowing obama fan or mitt romney fan. But what a bunch of hipocrittes over there at fox news. Fair and Balanced MY ASS !!!!!!!

whats on your mind

whats on your mind? Bowing Obama, Mitt Romney and Bain,FOX NEWS Treash,or OWS

CNN ,FOX NEWS Jump the gun!!!! Bowing Obams heath care ( TAX ) Whats up with that

whats on your mind

which is more important to you and congress? economy or Obama invokes executive privilege. the news spin on it lets talk about it

join us for where we are at with our show Occupy Freedom 2012

open mic Still here how long till sprint shuts us off Well it truly looks like we will lose our phone and internet some time to day our tomorrow. We were unable to raise any kind of donation at all.We just did our last blogtalkradio show for... more
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