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Voices of the 99%


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We are activists serving the community, working together to empower the voiceless through the collective exchange of knowledge and ideas!

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Interesting dialogue about faith and the Occupy Movement! Tune In!

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio show! Impact of the week's actions, anarchy and the movement, and the hearing on Tuesday. Tune In!

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio show broadcasting on the scene of the J17 actions! Tune in!

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio! Tonight's show is all about livestream, it's function in occupy and the revolutions worldwide, as well as what SOPA will mean for livestreamers! Tune In!

Part 2 of our international segment on Occupy Paris. Part 1 included our discussion with Moe Seager about the background of the France's issues of importance pertaining to the Indignados and Occupy Movements. This was our... more

Occupy DC's LIVE talk radio show! Tonight's topic: Voting with your dollar and the role of the 99% in tranforming the status quo of the financial system. Tune In!