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Voices of the 99%


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We are activists serving the community, working together to empower the voiceless through the collective exchange of knowledge and ideas!

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Featuring Justin talking about the 99% Spring, current events, and Earth Week. ALSO has coverage from Angela Davis's speech at UMD! Tune in!

Recorded at UMD! Listen for the #occupy shout-outs! Tune in!

We'll talk about current events, cell-phone tapping, the value of livestream, infiltration, and the Money Out Of Politics conference! Tune in!

Catch Justin Jacoby-Smith for "Eyes Open" on V/99% OccupyDC's LIVE talk radio show tonight at 9pm! Tune In!

We talk with planners of the April Fools Day carnival and 1% fools march, and the Anarchist Alliance that created a black bloc action in solidarity. Then we'll continue the conversations with the anarchists switching the subject to the issue... more

The debut of Justin Jacoby-Smith's new Monday night half-hour so new it doesn't even have a name yet! :-D I'll be on at 9:30 with Amanda out in Kentucky getting the low-down on Occupy Louisville's potential eviction set to take... more