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The Man Called X

Monday - Nov. 16th 2009

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Our mission is an attempt to prevent America from becoming a nation of helpless cowards, and train ourselves and others to function during terrorist attack or disaster. Our focus is mainly training others, so they can go out and train others, and so on and so forth. We wish to bring skills to the average person, that could be crucial to survival should a disaster or terrorist attack cause a situation where the police and military could not come to our aid, and to deal with such situations until they arrive, in a lawful and sane manner.

By training others, we wish to provide persons highly trained to help lead and coordinate larger bodies of citizens, who have neglected to train, should the need for these skills should ever arise. Basic combat training for civilians.

We hope to establish a larger pool of trained persons than what currently exists.

And of course, we wish to establish an environment where no terrorist group, from without or within, would be stupid enough to attack the American public with small arms, or in small armed groups. Go ahead. Make our day.

KISSATA sincerely hopes to be of value in networking and bringing like minded individuals and organizations together on a national level, and bring some level of standardization to all such groups, and break away from the current situation of fragmented and secretive localized groups as they are now, and distance ourselves from the politically motivated, racists, egomaniacs, and those who engage in illegal activities.

Commander Klick says: "Pretty SIMPLE huh? What did you expect...that's why it's called KISS, YOU MAGGOT!"


Welcome from Commander Klick and all your Admin team. Oh yeah, and Scully too! What a bone head!



KISS means "Keep It Simple, and don't be Stupid". The KISS Anti Terrorist Alliance (KISSATA) are trained American citizens, who learn the arts of homeland self defense, survival, emergency first aid, land navigation, sniping, and expertise with small arms.

KISSATA is for those of us who refuse to stand defenseless before terrorist attack, violent armed fringe groups, tyranny, criminals, or any other situation where the "thin blue line" has been stretched to breaking point. KISSATA is geared primarily to the rural environment, where police response is slow at best. It takes law enforcement twenty minutes at best to respond to calls in my neighborhood. In a disaster or major terrorist attack I doubt that a rural area could get any kind of law enforcement response. And that's o.k., if the police were everywhere, we would have a police state.

A minimum of equipment is required to participate in KISSATA. Basically it is your homeland defense rifle, ammo, navigation equipment, first aid, food, water and rucksack or web gear. Some very basic two way radio equipment is needed. (An FRS or GMRS radio with ear-bud) In other words, what you would carry in the field to fight and survive for two or three days. KISSATA does not hoard weapons and ammo, build forts, bunkers, or compounds, or require money or fees to join and belong to the organization. We are true to the concept of the Minute Man. You only need one rifle, and you should target practice with your ammo, not hoard it.

The functional unit of KISSATA is the three person rifle team, who form and train individually in groups of three, not for any purpose of secrecy, but only to keep organization and training simple. Start your own team/chapter, and give it a cool name. There is no ranking system in KISSATA. We strive to produce individuals who can lead, train, and organize other teams. Therefore we rotate the leadership or Command position on a regular basis. In KISSATA you are both a private and a Commander. Until you successfully plan, lead, and execute your first "mission", you are a MAGGOT!

Training and participating in KISSATA is fun. We train ourselves in rifle marksmanship, orienteering, first aid, recon, patrol, camo techniques, counter recon, sniping, etc., as stated above. We take our training seriously, but not ourselves. We don't sit around and bitch about the government or worry about the black helicopters. We don't push political philosophy. We get out and actually train and build skills. We are big on SURVIVAL SKILLS, which will serve you in many situations and circumstances.

To join and train in the KISS Anti Terrorist Alliance you need to obtain the KISSATA handbook, which goes deeper into the KISS concept, equipment, training and weapons, and puts everyone on the "same page". For ordering instructions, email Commander Klick! The handbook is cheap, sold pretty much at cost to cover printing. If you think I'm making a profit...dream on! What are you waiting for MAGGOT? GET MOVING!


BREAKING NEWS LINK:  http://www.gwumc.edu/hspi/old/PTTF_ProceedingsReport_05.19.09.pdfhttp://www.gwumc.edu/hspi/old/PTTF_ProceedingsReport_05.19.09.pdf

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