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Vida Starr



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Spin off from The Hip Hop Shop: Put Em on Blast Vida Starr created a show that has Hip Hop and Talk radio combined. Love hip hop? Love overly opinionated loud-mouthed women?? Then this show is what you've been waiting for. We have music and pop culture discussion as well as important issues that people deal with in their day to day lives. Oh and some where in there we play music too.

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That's right! It's that time again! It's been a crazy past few weeks and we need to cover all of the insanity! From Occupy Wall Street and the Republican Nomination to The latest in entertainment News! JOin us as we put it all ON BLAST!!

Is there a point when you should just let go of your dream and focus on the reality of your situation? Should you never ever give up and always stay true to yourself and your passion? Have you ever tried to help someone accomplish... more

Last week we had an all hot topics show and one of the last hot topics turned into an all out debate on gender roles in today's society and in the family... primarily the black family. We want to know what you think! Are gender roles... more

Maya Angelou said what about the MLK Memorial? Jay Z did what at VMA's? JC Penny's is sexist? Michelle Bachmann said THAT about the Hurricane and Earthquake? Half of Americans destroy their health with what? We will be... more

Whose responsibility is it to make sure that there are healthy foods in our families, homes, and communities? Is it up to us as individuals, community members, or the policy makers? Some community groups are stepping up to... more

Just a fun topic before another brief hiatus! What rules do you follow (or not follow) when it comes to relationships? Do you believe in traditional roles? What are your dating deal breakers? Are you looking for a life partner or just another... more

So last week we were having a discussion about whether or not the death penalty should be abolished. The discussion got heated but the time was too short to really hash things out. Many points were brought forth and many... more

With the outcome of the Casey Antony trial many debates have spurred regarding our judicial system. Out of the many discussions, the death penalty in particular was called into question yet again. Even though Casey Anthony was... more

With Ron Paul and Barney Frank teaming up to introduce bill to legalize marijuana, it begs the question... SHOULD it be legalized? What about other illicit drugs? Should they become legalized too? We all know there is a lot of myth,... more

With the state of Arizona using the law to shut down ethnic studies courses in their public schools, it brings up some very important questions. Are ethnic studies programs fair to all students? Should students learn about the history and... more