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When Hip Hop Meets THE CHRIST


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When Hip Hop Meets THE CHRIST! Based in Da A-town aka Atlanta Ga. Representing True Hip Hop in JESUS CHRIST. Making a distinction between Authentic Hip Hop versus The Counterfeit of The World, Humbly Submiting to THE GUIDENCE of THE HOLY SPIRIT. Fearing No One but ALL-MIGHTY GOD! Glorifying Him by exalting JESUS CHRIST through Words, Music and Deeds. JESUS is THE devil TERMINATOR... GOT CHRIST??? Its Hell With Owt HIM... We have many members in ONE BODY but All Members do not have the same function..WE being MANY are ONE IN CHRIST individually members of one another...having then Gifts "Differing" ACCORDING to The GRACE given to us, LET US USE THEM... Email: WhenhiphopmeetsTHECHRIST@hotmail.com

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Genesis 31; Matthew 4 & Psalm 27. thanks for Stopping by and tuning in Much LOVE to ya! BIBLE STUDY WITH JESUS!

Thanks for stopping by and tuning in to When Hip Hop Meets THE CHRIST. This broadcast we will hear Queen Yvonne as she allows us to look into her personal relationship with GOD ABBA FATHER THE ALLMIGHTY as we hear HIM use... more

America is in a SHAMEFUL Condition! If the Foundations are removed what can the Righteous do? TRUST GOD! (New American Standard BIBLE Psalm 11:3). BUT GOD!!! CHRIST TO THE RESCUE!!! JESUS IS THE ONE WHO IS, WHO... more

Today we will be Listening to GOD ABBA FATHER as HE speaks through our Brother in CHRIST, G.Y.N.E.S.I.S. (GOD'S Youth Need Education So I Speak). JESUS LOVES US so We LOVING HIM Back! PRAISE & WORSHIP THE... more

Join in with us for BIBLE STUDY with THE LORD! Tonite we will be Studying Genesis chapter 30, Matthew Chapter 3 and Psalm chapter 26. FATHER WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR JESUS AND YOUR HOLYSPIRIT!

Welcome to The Sweet sounds of THE SWEET SPIRIT of ALLMIGHTY GOD! Tonite we will be Joining Queen Yvonne as she lets THE HOLYSPIRIT BREATHE ON us Thru her. Much LOVE to Everybody. JESUS THE WAY, THE TRUTH,... more

ABOMINATION- a thing that causes OUTRAGE, evil, horror, Disgrace, hatred; a shameful condition, disgusting America an Abomination to THE LORD GOD ALLMIGHTY! Repent and Come back To JESUS! GOD Built and Blessed this... more

Join in today as Big Hurt aka Hurt Franklin goes in before THE LORD and The World With THE WORD of GOD! Thanks for Tuning In! GOD IS THE GREATEST JESUS IS LORD and You Know We Git Crunk when That HOLYGHOST in Us!

Thanks for Tuning in to The KINGS ORDAINED BY GOD KNOCKOUT >>>satan Broadcast! Join us as we Get into ABBA FATHER THE GOD ALLMIGHTY'S WORD with Your Host: Young G, aka King G aka G.Y.N.E.S.I.S. (GOD'S... more

Join us as we spend Quality time With GOD ALLMIGHTY in HIS WORD! Tonite's Study: Genesis 29, Matthew 2, Psalm 25. Thanks for Join In With us! JESUS LOVES Us so We Loving HIM Back!
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