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Why do everybody including Atheist and Confusedist believe in just one devil but then when it comes to GOD ALLMIGHTY WHO CREATED ALL of us including satan, we seem to BE REALLY REALLY CONFUSED and think that there is So many Different GOD’S. There is One Devil and there is ONE GOD FATHER LORD & SAVIOR!!! GIT THIS JESUS!!!  Even satan Believes in GOD, even demons Recognize GOD and Git shook!!!

Matthew 7:13-14- The Majority Rejects THE WAY because it is Very Challenging and Strait to the point. The Difficult Strait Way of Life will Lead you to ETERNAL LIFE. So in other words The Majority Rejects ETERNAL LIFE with GOD ALLMIGHTY. The Majority Receives The Wrong Way, because it’s Easy and A lot of Room on its path (Hell does ENLARGE itself, so you aint gonna bust it Wide Open). The Broad and Wide (Easy) Life will Lead you strait to ETERNAL CONDEMNATION and The Lake of FIRE.

GOD and ALL of HEAVEN is More than The Majority, only a third of the Angels were convinced by Lucifer to turn on their CREATOR. Yes even satan got Angels who were dwelling with GOD ALLMIGHTY in ALL OF HIS GLORY to go down the Broad and Wide way (wanting to Take over GOD’S AUTHORITY and POSITION), so just imagine how much more he Fools us lil ole Humans.

Rejected by The Majority of People

1John 5:1-6

Psalm 2