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Fall- to Drop to the Ground, esp in battle, to collapse, to display disappointment, the act of moving down

Triumph-   having joy because of success; outstanding success, comes from winning or being victorious, overcoming sin and evil.

KEY VERSES: Psalm 37chap. & Psalm 2 chap.

Psalm 37: 27-29- To the wicked, Leave evil and do Good, CHOOSE GOD then you won’t be cut off! THE LORD LOVES JUSTICE (Trayvon Martin). THE LORD DOES NOT Give up on or Abandon HIS Saints! The Righteous are Made To Last, FOREVER. But The Chidren of the wicked are gonna be cut off.  The Righteous are gonna inherit The Promise Land and stay in it Forever!

Psalm 37:37-40- Take Notice of The Blameless Person and check out The Righteous Person, their FUTURE is PEACE-ETERNAL REST and RELAXATION.  THE SAVING GRACE OF THE LORD IS WHAT MAKES The Righteous Person Righteous. HE IS THE ONE WHO STRENGTHENS THEM IN times of trouble. THE LORD WILL HELP THE RIGHTEOUS Ones and DELIVER them From the wicked! THE LORD IS GONNA SAVE THEM because They choose To TRUST IN HIM!!! HALLELUJAH. TRIUMPH RIGHTEOUS!!!