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Trials and Tribulations Purifies your FAITH in GOD. All things work together for your Good when you Love THE LORD and do HIS WILL!

*That which does not kill me Only Makes me Stronger!-2pac

Made- is the past tense of make; it means to Formulate or to form; to set in order, to cause to be; the action of building or manufacturing.

Romans 5:1-5

Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS THE CHRIST Learned OBEDIENCE by suffering. You follow CHRIST don’t you? You are not above HIM! Suffering aint bad…No suffering is not bad. Suffering is actually wat FATHER uses to make you Godly when you belong to HIM. Remember JESUS’ suffering in the Wilderness (HE wuz hungry 40 days/nights- no food, HE wuz tempted by the loser enemy & satan even tried to make HIM serve him instead of GOD ALLMIGHTY! How about the 3 Hebrew boys who wuz thrown into the Hot HOT Fire because of their Faith in GOD ALL-MIGHTY. Peter suffered, Paul suffered both were locked up for their Testimony of THE CHRIST, you suffer or shud I say face Trials and Tribulations. But You are being Made by FIRE! HOLYGHOST FIRE