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E.G.O. Edging GOD Owt

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Ego- An Exaggerated sense of Self-Importance and a Feeling of Superiority to Other People…Dats why GOD has A Problem with your Ego, Cuz it makes you think You are SUPERIOR INSTEAD OF HIM…THE SUPREME BEING!!!

Root of Your Ego:

Pride- Thinking More HIGHLY of Myself Than I Shud. Not the Same as Self-Esteem or Confidence, which are GREAT QUALITIES To Have! See Humility The flipside of Pride-thinkin More Highly of Myself Than I Shud.

Arrogance- Feeling Like Im better than others. Refusing to Listen to Advice because you think you know it All!

Phillippians 3:17-21- You Can’t & Shouldn’t Follow Any & Everybody… But You can and Should Follow those TRUE FOLLOWER’S OF CHRIST….SPIRIT & TRUTH WORSHIPERS OF GOD ALLMIGHTY!  Our Egos are Enemies of THE CROSS OF CHRIST…and Our SELFISH WAYS are An enemy of THE CROSS OF CHRIST Because you say you're following HIM BUT HE Didn’t LIVE The Way You Do! (Do You LIVE In and By LOVE or Hate???). Verse 19 Your Ego is gonna Lead You to Eternal Misery and Destruction! If you Keep Being Controlled by your Own Selfish Desires and Keep your Mind on Eathly Possessions and how to Gain them, then that Will Lead You To Eternal Misery and Destruction! No EGOS ALLOWED!!!