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Sex Sex Sex and More Sex

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Doesnt it feel Good.... GOD Created it but with special purposes, for Love for Reproduction (to raise up GODLY Seeds to THE LORD. The evil world perverts sex, seduces and draws us away thru our own lust. Most Leaders of THE GOSPEL thees dayz git caught up in Sex Scandels. As a matter of fact the GODliest man- King David got caught up in his lust for another man's wife but he is not known for that. His son King Solomon, The WISEst man- had 700 wives and 300 concubines and they eventually ended up leading his heart away from GOD but he's not known for that. Even The STRONGest man- Samson's strength failed by the constant seduction of a woman. But there are also characters lyke Joseph who ran from his masters wife wen she tried to have sex with HIM then you have Paul who became a Eunich for the Gospels's Sake and not to mention THE SAVIOR and LORD of ALL who did not even commit one sin even while HE was in SIN now dats GOD'S Perfection that makes us rite before HIM according to HIS MERCY and GRACE that covers us all whether you are like the men in the first group that failed or like the 2nd group of men that stayed strong, GOD LOVES us ALL especially if you have received and accepted wat JESUS has done on ourbehalf. It's not by my own Power, or Might but by HIS SPIRIT says GOD.(Zechariah 4:6)