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Why Everybody's Talking Roth IRA

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Most investment choices don't earn great curiosity, but if any are deserving of that kind of attention, it would be the Roth IRA.

Financial planners routinely say that younger people should invest in a Roth because they would most benefit from its many wonderful qualities. But the truth is, Roth IRA accounts make a good choice for people of all ages.
With Roth IRAs, savers get a tax-free stream of income in retirement. And it's not just the contributions that come out tax-free. Uncle Sam doesn't lay a finger on any of the earnings. It can be a pretty sweet deal when you're talking about decades of compounding.

The only catch is that you pay income tax on your contributions upfront (post-tax dollars).
Unlike the traditional IRA, which gives investors a tax deduction for the year the contribution is made, the Roth version lets savers contribute after-tax money today and withdraw principal and earnings tax-free at retirement.
The Roth can also be used for educational purposes, major medical expenses, and first home buys...with qualifications.
For individuals looking for tax diversification in retirement, the Roth IRA is one of the few tools they can create that ensures that they have a stream of tax-free income in retirement.
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